Frequently Asked Question

Bee Protection and Relocation :

Q: Why choose relocation over harming bees?
Bees are crucial pollinators! Removing them hurts the environment and isn’t needed. We prioritize safe bee relocation, ensuring their survival and environmental protection.
Q: Which bees do you relocate?
We mainly focus on honey bees and bumblebees, the most common species in our areas. If you have a different type, we can help identify them and suggest the best solution.
Q: How much does bee relocation cost?
The cost depends on the hive’s size, location, and removal complexity. We offer free inspections and estimates to determine the exact cost before starting work.
Q: What happens to the bees after relocation?
We relocate them to a safe and suitable site, like a local apiary or sanctuary. We care for their well-being throughout the process.
Q: Can you prevent future bee arrivals?
Absolutely! We offer bee-proofing services to identify and seal potential entry points in your home or structure, deterring future infestations and giving you peace of mind.

Beekeeping and Honey :

Q: Do you offer beekeeping services?
We currently focus on bee removal and relocation. However, we can provide resources and recommendations to individuals interested in beekeeping.
Q: Can I buy honey from AA Beekeeper?
We typically don’t sell honey from the bees we relocate. However, we can connect you with local beekeepers who sell raw, locally-produced honey.
Q: How can I support bee conservation?
There are many ways to support bee conservation! Planting bee-friendly flowers, avoiding pesticides, and choosing organic products are all great ways to make a difference. You can also support organizations dedicated to bee conservation.