We offer Personalized Beehive installation & maintenance for :

  • Organic farms
  • Local Orchards
  • Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Private Homeowners​
  • In Urban And Suburban Areas

​​​​​​​​​Bee Hive Installation Home and Business 2024

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Start a Bee Hive

We provide private instruction, equipment, bees, and additional resources for maintaining a healthy bee hive. SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY bee hive maintenance.
We offer personalized instruction and personal beehive services to bee enthusiasts, business owners, and private homeowners. From an organic farm in Fallbrook or Temecula to a private Orchard in Rancho Santa Fe and Laguna Hills; to a Seaside garden in San Clemente, or an Urban area in San Diego.
We have 30 years as a Beekeeper. Experts in Beehive installation and management. We’re very familiar with all local and regional beekeeping ordinances for Southern California​ with compliance with the best beekeeping practices and policies.
We know bees. If you are interested in hosting or having a bee hive at your business or home, give us a call. We would love to talk to you.

Bee Hive Installation services include

Installation & Maintenance

  • Beehive delivery and set up
  • Set-up And Install A Bee Hive For You
  • ​We Provide The Proper Equipment And Expertise For Our Clients
  • ​Provide Bee Hive Maintenance


  • We Are Dedicated To Saving Bees ​
  • Safe Eco-friendly Organic Practices
  • ​Dedicated To A Hive’s Health & Survival

We have successfully removed beehives from:

We deliver and set up your hives, manage your hives, do our best to keep them healthy and extract their honey for you when it is time to do so. ​​​​If you are interested in hosting or
having a bee hive at your business or home, give us a call ​or send us a note.

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