San Diego Bee Removal

We have served San Diego for 30 years.
We are AA Beekeeper, a Bee Rescue & Removal Service providing safe bee hive removal and relocation services. A dedicated Eco-Friendly bee removal service, locally owned, bonded and certified.
Our San Diego Beekeeper services include:​​
  • ​Bee Rescue Services
  • ​Eco-friendly Bee Removal
  • ​Bee Proofing & Prevention
  • ​Opening & Repairing Structures
  • ​​​​​​Live Bee Removal
  • ​Safe Bee Relocation
  • ​Bee Swarm Removal
  • Honeycomb Extractions

​​​​​​​​​Serving San Diego Homeowners, Business Owners, Property Managers and Realtors ​providing safe Eco-Friendly bee removal and bee relocation services.

We are dedicated to protecting you and your property. AA Beekeeper service for every area of San Diego

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a Family owned company
  • Servicing all San Diego
  • We have 30 years experience as Beekeepers
  • All work is guaranteed in writing
  • We Protect Your Property & Environment
  • No pesticides or chemicals
  • We are Africanized bee certified
  • Safe & humane handling of Bees

We have successfully removed beehives from:

  • Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Apartment Complex / Multifamily
  • Rental Properties
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Businesses
  • Medical Facilities / Hospitals
  • Schools / College Campuses
  • Government Offices
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • And Many More Locations

Our Latest Work

- Katherine/Kaytee Macdonald

The whole process with AA-Beekeeper was easy, cost-effective, and they obviously care about what happens to the bees that they remove and re-home! When he got to the house, Sergio very patiently explained the process: how he was going to carefully open the lid to where the hive was, smoke the bees to calm them, use a bee vacuum (which was COOL) to gently move them all to an enclosure, then bring them next day to a nearby avocado farm that takes them in. He did ALL that, plus carefully cleaned the area around where he had taken out the hive, plugged the original hole they got in through, and.. even collected a bunch of the honey the bees had made and gave it to us to eat! I am really grateful for the work that Sergio and this team did for us. I will be directly recommending AA-Beekeeper to anyone that has bees somewhere they don’t need to be, so they can be humanely moved to where they can pollinate happily. 🐝

- Leilani Sooto-Samoa

I was very impressed by the quality of customer service and responsiveness this company provided. Sergio and Rey were an absolute pleasure to work with from the beginning to end. I’ll definitely be referring them to anyone that is in need of these type of services. So much information was provided to me in regards to the process and what should be expected. I had a huge bee cluster underneath my the lid of our industrial box. They treated the bees with such care and they also relocate them to a safe place. They’re great and would highly recommend!!! Thanks again Sergio and Rey!

- Christian Lara

We had bees come back within the one year warranty period. Sergio & his team came back within one week to honor the warranty. They were very communicative, efficient & professional. They answered all our questions about bees & were very knowledgable! Highly recommend AA Beekeeper for their reliability and impeccable work. Call them for any removal and/ or bee proofing!

- Kyleigh Wallace

I have never experienced such an amazing opportunity. The service was amazing , prompt and professional. He came out to look at the swarm that was created next to my daughters play house, which you can see how much of a concern this was. He was so nice and answered all my questions and educated me on exactly what was happening with the bees. AA beekeepers I highly recommend for any 🐝 situation. They did a tremendous job and I wouldnt hesitate to call them again if ever needed in the future. Number 1 bee removable..very happy customer..😀👍 🐝

- Jon Panichella

They came out same day, and were fantastic. They even gave me a sample of the honey to try and answered all of my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

- Renae Logston

I highly recommend AA-Beekeeper. I called yesterday to put my name down to get a bees for my hive by the evening I had them! The staff were super friendly on the phone and the bee keeper was super knowledgeable. He showed me why my last bees swarmed, due to ants. He showed me how to keep these ones happy and gave me some tips. I would recommend their services to anyone looking at getting bees.

- Christopher Simmons

Mid-March the bees swarmed in Temecula, and my home got an instant one day colony in my back yard eaves. The guys at AA came out and moved the bees, and they will now live at an avocado farm. Cool team, good attitude, did great job including some touch up of the pain where the bees were partying. 🙂 Recommended!

- Mark Finnell

Sergio is awesome and took care of a yellowjacket problem we had on our property! Fast, dependable, and friendly!! Will definitely use them in the future and refer other to them!

- Courtney Roberts

Sergio was absolutely awesome. I honestly can’t thank him enough. He came last minute, completely explained the process and options and got the job done efficiently and effectively for a fraction of the cost other quoted me! He was extremely professional and did an excellent job. I hope not to need his services in the future but if I do, this is who’d I’d call. Call.

- Young K

If you are looking for a professional, prompt, and thorough Bee Removal job, I highly recommend AA-Beekeeper. Sergio and Renau were able to come out the next day after I requested their service. And they did a great job! Sergio, who is very knowledgeable, explained the process to me on the phone. So when they came, they went straight to work and worked hard. We are very satisfied with the service!

- Anna Armas

Absolutely above and beyond service by AA Beekeeper. I found these folks while in the process of purchasing a home, and we knew bees were getting into one of the exterior walls. Sergio was so informative throughout the process and offered a very reasonable quote. On removal day, he kept me updated with photos and video, along with a full wrap-up of the work completed and what to expect next. 100% recommend this team and encourage you to choose responsible relocation like AA if you have bees.